Getting your quote is fast,accurate and easy. Simply click on Instant Quote on our website and enter your details in 4 easy steps. If you’re happy with the quote you get on the PRICE page, click Request Booking and we’ll contact you to book you in.

Included in your quote:

-price includes all fees and taxes

-a bookings coordinator will help you plan your move to make sure everything goes smoothly on the day

-friendly expert movers who arrive on time

-reliable and clean truck and fuel

-furniture covered in protective packing blankets for transportation

-mattress sleeves to protect matresses and keep them clean

-furniture securely tied in vehicle for its protection

-Goods-in-transit insurance so that if anything gets damaged during the move we will fix/replace it (see Ts&Cs)

We currently service the following areas:

Cape Town and the Western Cape

Johannesburg and Gauteng

We currently do not offer moves in any other provinces unfortunately.

Our current service areas are as follows:

-within the Western Cape

-within Gauteng

We do not do moves between provinces.

We do not have storage and suggest you check out our storage recommendations on our blog or call us for suggestions.

We offer a broad array of services:

home moves

move just a few items

office/business/factory relocations

furniture disposal

truck hire for film shoots and commercials

special event set up (expos, weddings etc)

business deliveries

moving items to or from your garage or within your home

Our special services include:

Box packing

We will pack your boxes for you, either on the day of your move or the day before.

Bubble wrapping / protective plastic wrapping

We will wrap your precious and fragile items to protect them from damage during transport.


We can dismantle and reassemble items that are too big to fit in the lift or stairs.


We use ropes to raise or lower items from the balcony that are too big to fit in the lift or stairs.

Box delivery / packing hamper delivery

We can deliver boxes and other packing products to you a week or more before your move so that you can pack your own goods.

For prices of the these special services please fill out the Instant Quote form on our website.

Flatbed truck:

There will be two men on the flatbed truck. Please note that any item too heavy to be easily carried and loaded by two men will not be moved.

Closed truck:

If you select the large closed truck option, there will be 3,4,5 or 6 men depending on the size of the move and the other moves scheduled for that day.

Please let your booking coordinators know if any item is particularly heavy and requires more than 2 men to easily carry and load it onto the truck.

-Be respectful and polite.

-Make sure furniture is ready to be moved and boxes are packed, sealed and ready before the team arrives.

-Make sure things are well organised and boxes are numbered so everything can be quickly and seamlessly moved onto the truck.

-Arrange for kids and pets to go to a relative or day care or keep them out of the way so they don’t get stepped on.

-Treat the men to cool drinks and light snacks- moving is hard work!

-Give them a tip if you feel they have delivered excellent service.

-Show consideration to the next customer and help to make things progress as quickly as possible so the guys can be on time for the next customer.

-Don’t ask them to do anything dangerous that may result in injury or damage.

-Don’t ask them to work in a hazardous or unhealthy environment, such as on slippery floors or rooms with noxious fumes from fresh paint.

-Don’t ask them to remove safety gear, such as shoes.

-Don’t ask them to rearrange furniture in different configurations, if you did not specifically request this at least 48 hours before your move- the guys have another move to get to.