How many moving boxes do I need for my move?

Estimating how many boxes you need to move all your stuff is as much an art as it is a science. Most people have no idea how many boxes they need for moving day and can greatly underestimate this number. This can cause frustration and worry, but we are here to help!

These are the primary questions that you should ask yourself when deciding how many boxes to buy:

  1.   How many people are living in my home?

A family of four will have more belongings than a single person, even if the size of the house is the same.

  1.   How long have I lived in my home?

People gather things over time. If you have lived in your current house for many years, you might have more belongings than someone who recently moved into a new home. This is a great opportunity to get rid of the stuff that you do not use anymore, check out our list of favourite charities in Joburg for ideas.

  1.   What does my lifestyle look like?

Consider whether you are a minimalist, a packrat or somewhere in between. A minimalist would have less belongings than a packrat.

  1.   How many rooms are in my house?

The more rooms you have, the more space you have to fill up with belongings!

  1.   What is the size of my home in square meters?

A larger home will usually have more items – unless you are a minimalist living in a large home!

This table can help you determine the amount of boxes you need for your move. If you are a small, minimalistic family opt for the minimum amount and if you are a big, packrat family then opt for the maximum amount needed:

Size of your home Estimate number of boxes
50 sq metre 20-40 boxes
100 sq metre 30-50 boxes
150 sq metre 40-60 boxes
200-350 sq metre 50-100 boxes

Still unsure? Use the illustration below to help you determine the amount of boxes you need for your move:

Now that you have determined how many boxes you need, here is a list of places where you can get them:

  1.   Takealot
  2.   Boxshop
  3.   Boxes online

Happy packing! 


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