Moving? Tips on how to prepare with your family

We’ve got you covered when moving from one house to another, but there is much more to moving than what happens on the day. Here is a list of other important factors in moving home, for your family:

SCHOOL. Most schools require a term’s notice, as well as a transfer letter from your old school. To get this letter, all fees need to be up to date. When changing schools in the middle of the year, it is important to compare the new school’s curriculum to that of the old school and make sure that your child’s schoolwork is up to date.

ADDRESS. Contact the customer service centres of your different accounts to update your residential address. Examples include your bank, medical aid, clothing accounts and insurance.

DOCTOR. Ensure that your family’s medical records are sent to your new physicians. If you haven’t found a new one yet – ask your current doctor for recommendations!

PETS. Make travel plans for your furry friends and ensure your veterinarian has authorized your pets for the journey.

INTERNET. Transfer your cable and internet plan to your new home and schedule your installation appointment

The Don’t Pack List

Although we take special care in providing a top-quality moving service, it is best to keep these items off the truck and close to you on moving day:

·  Credit cards

·  Important documents like passports, marriage licence, birth certificates, records

·  Medication

·  Phone and laptop

·  Jewellery

·  Cash

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