Terms & Conditions


  1. Full payment is required to book your move. Payment must be made by EFT.
  2. If you wish to cancel/postpone your move or request a refund, you must do so at least 5 full business days before your move date.
  3. There will be no refund for any item(s) we were unable to move, or for any other changes to the move details which are made on the day.
  4. The quote is based on the move details provided by you. Any changes to the details may incur additional costs.
  5. The customer will be required to cover bank charges should he/she make a cash deposit into our account or make payment from a bank account outside of South Africa.


Before your move:

  1. Please make sure you have provided us with fully complete move details.
  2.  Please notify us if there are parking restrictions, goods lift restrictions, scheduled power outage, or if there are steps/stairs/hill incline or other obstacle which could affect the move.
  3. Two (2) men must be able to EASILY carry and load all items if you as the customer selected the smaller, open vehicle (flatbed). If you selected the larger, closed vehicle (truck), four (4) men must be able to EASILY carry and load all items unless otherwise specified by you in writing. Any item too heavy will not be moved.
  4. For pot plants larger than 1 man can lift, you need to provide dimensions and weight. Any pot plant requiring more than 4 men to lift onto the truck will not be moved.
  5. All small items to be moved must be packed into boxes or bags before our team arrives. Packing costs will apply if we are required to do this work.
  6. Furniture or appliances with loose items in them will not be moved. All loose items should be packed in boxes before move day.
  7. Heavy loose items, like books, should be packed in small boxes. Large boxes that are heavy will not be moved.
  8. We must be notified at least 5 full business days before move date of any items to be moved that are made of glass, such as but not limited to, glass panes, table tops, frames or mirrors. Any glass item not mentioned in advance will be moved at the customers risk and we will not be liable for any damage to the item.
  9. Please ensure that we have any amendments to your list at least 5 full business days before your move. We will do our best to accommodate changes, however we might have time or vehicle constraints and items not on the list won’t be moved. There will be no refund for amendments made less than 5 full business days before the move.

On move day:

  1. There may be extra charges on the day. Please make sure that you have mobile banking for EFT payment or Snapscan. We do not accept cash.
  2. Please arrange for parking and/or any necessary cooperation and compliance with your body corporate.
  3. Please note that if there is a lift in your building it will be your responsibility to get the lift keys to ensure that the lift door remains open while we work. Alternatively you should provide a person to hold the door so that our staff are able to move your items unhindered. We will not be liable for damage to the lift or its sensor.
  4. You must please make sure you have the necessary manuals and specialised tools for dismantling/ handling.
  5. Please inspect the premises and truck before departure at all locations to ensure all goods have been moved and nothing is left in the vehicle or in a location.
  6. You, or your representative, are responsible for the security of your goods at pick up and delivery points.
  7. Please do not leave any valuables lying around including cell phones, wallets and sunglasses. We will not be liable for the loss of these items.
  8. Any questions that come up on move day should, where possible, be directed to your move manager who will supervise and assist with your move.


The quote is based on the information provided by you, the customer. Any change to the details of the move might affect the quote. Additional charges will be applied on the day if:

  • there are extra goods,
  • goods do not fit in the lift, stairs or doorway, or if the road approach and parking is not suitable for our vehicles,
  • if there are parking restrictions / goods lift restrictions, or if there are steps/stairs/hill incline/extra distance or other obstacle which could affect the move.
  • you require special services,
  • there are any changes to the details of the move,
  • there are any delays beyond our control.


If the move manager deems it possible to move extra items on the day, please have mobile banking (EFT) or Snapscan on hand for any extra charges:

  • Extra box – R70
  • Extra washing machine or similar – R250
  • Extra fridge/couch or similar – R350
  • Large and heavy items that have not been included on the list start at R1000/item

If any item cannot fit in the lift and wasn’t mentioned previously, a fee of R100-R500 per floor, for each item moved will be charged. Some items will not be carried up/down stairs if not pre-arranged
These prices assume there is space in the truck for the extra items. If extra trips are needed, extra costs apply.


We must be notified in writing at least 5 full business days before the move start time if you require special services (below). If we are not notified beforehand, it will be at the discretion of the move manager to decide whether to provide the following services:

  • connecting/ disconnecting plumbing/electrical equipment
  • dismantling/reassembling
  • removing/reattaching
  • box packing
  • bubble/protective plastic wrapping
  • hoisting
  • box delivery/collection


  • By agreeing to these terms you declare that all goods to be removed are your property or you have the authority of the owner to enter into a contract in respect of the goods to be removed.
  • You may not defer payment to us or offset any amount due to us in the event of a claim or dispute.
  • Two Men and a Truck will not be liable for any loss of income relating to damage/loss to/of any item caused by negligence or not.


  1. Your furniture to be moved is insured up to a value of R100 000 at no additional cost to you.
  2. If additional insurance is required, the customer should contact their household insurance broker.
  3. We must be notified in writing of any damages to goods within 48 hours of the move (delivery). The time limit is essential.
  4. We will not be liable if you were careless in the non-avoidance of any damage or any part of the damage was sustained due to your own negligence. This includes damage to lifts.
  5. You will be responsible for the payment of the basic excess: 10% of claim (minimum R1300). In the case of theft/hijacking: 20% of claim (minimum R3300).
  6. The following are not covered by our insurance:
    • furs, jewellery, bullion, precious and semi-precious metals and stones, curiosities, items of art, money, documents, stamps, sunglasses, keys, cell phones, tablets, laptops, data.
    • the functioning of electronic equipment and motor-driven goods
    • firearms, explosives, dangerous substances
    • foods and drinks
    • any goods not packed or unpacked by our movers
    • items left inside furniture and loose unpacked items
    • property or goods damaged as a result of difficult access (unless we were told about this at least 5 full business days before the move time)
    • documents or other things that can be used as negotiable instruments.
    • faults of any type related to the insured goods, such as (but not limited to) defects, workmanship or professional advice.
    • the consequences of delay, depreciation, loss of market or other charges related to or resulting from the transportation of your goods.
    • actions related directly to your insured goods, such as (but not limited to) gradual deterioration or inherent or latent defects.
    • inherent vice or defect, vermin, insects, damp, mildew or rust.
    • detention, confiscation or requisition by customs or other officials or authorities.
    • wear and tear or gradual deterioration (including the gradual action of light or climatic or atmospheric conditions), unless following an accident or misfortune not otherwise excluded.
    • mechanical, electronic or electrical breakdown, failure, breakage or derangement of the insured property, unless following an accident or misfortune not otherwise excluded.
    • Property outside South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Malawi.


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