Top moving hacks from a Joburg moving company

Moving can be expensive, stressful and exhausting! Here is a guide to staying ahead of the moving woes:

Before the move

  • Clean out your house and designate a DONATE pile for all clothing and items that you don’t want to take with you
  • Stock up on packing supplies before you start packing
  • Finish all the frozen food in your fridge in the weeks leading up to the move
  • Update your address for all your accounts, utilities and subscriptions
  • Shop around for moving and storage services 
  • Measure EVERYTHING and determine whether it will fit in your new home
  • Schedule your move for in the middle of the week of month – it’s cheaper this way!

While packing

  • Pack as far in advance as possible
  • Ask local retailers and businesses for moving boxes at no cost
  • Pack heavier items at the bottom of the box and lighter items at the top 
  • Protect fragile items with magazines and newspapers
  • Use laundry baskets, trash bins and suitcases as boxes
  • Bubble wrap ALL glass items
  • Don’t pack items for different rooms in one box  
  • Be smart with your labelling. Use colored packing tape to keep your boxes organized
  • Fill up pots and pans with spice containers, dish towels and other kitchen items so save space

On the day

  • Buy cereal, milk and other easy breakfast items so that there’s food available the morning after moving day
  • Pack the items that you’ll need most immediately in a clear plastic bin, or a designated “open first” box. Think: bed sheets, hand soap, towels, etc.

Money saving tips

  • Use newspapers and magazines in lieu of packing peanuts and bubble wrap
  • Move in the winter, the middle of the week, or the middle of the month
  • When packing, nest smaller items inside of larger items to save money on moving boxes
  • Weight equals money, so don’t move heavy weights or fitness equipment if you don’t use them
  • If you need to move your appliances, consider their age, size, and colorAre you sure you want to move them? 
  • Drive small items to the new place yourself

Happy moving!

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